Automate processing leads and customer service

Maximize every sales opportunity - automatically

The Simple Is Good Automated Digital Growth Platform is here to make sure your business is making the most out of every lead and customer.

challenge: marketing

Automate Your Marketing

Maximize your advertising spend by using powerful automation workflows, leveraging the power of modern platforms everyone uses.

Automated Marketing

  • Automatically qualify and lead your prospect so you don't waste time
  • Maximize every opportunity by following up automatically, every time.
  • Manage and create multiple campaigns
  • Track effectiveness

Deliver Messages Through The Channels Your Customers Prefer

Some like texting, some like email, some prefer Facebook Messenger - others prefer phone calls.

You can communicate using a variety of channels for best results - our platform has them neatly organized for complete flexibility.

challenge: Communications

Integrated Communications

Communications does not have to be difficult anymore.

Integrated Communications

Send the right message at the right time to the right person over the right channel. Text, call, Facebook, plain-old phonecall - all from one central dashboard.

Save Staff TONS of Time Through Automated Interactions

  • Map out and automate every interaction
  • Ringless voicemail drops
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Oh yes, makes phone calls too - recorded if you want!

challenge: reputation management

Integrated Reputation Management

These days, online reviews matter. Are you leaving it to chance?

Become Proactive with Online Reviews

  • Get positive reviews, automatically
  • Cultivate positive sentiment for your business
  • Make the most of your biggest fans
  • Automate with other modules

Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!

  • Focus on Sales And Results!
  • Easy to use with minimal training
  • Fully supported by an expert team
  • Saves a lot of time so you can focus on The Main Thing - SALES!

Make the most of what you've built

We are ready to help you get organized